Match Report
Skinners' School Boys-U18A vs  Knole Park Run
On: Saturday, 13 Jan 2018
Venue: Away

Knole Run
Knole Park, Sevenoaks
5.8 miles
13 January

Set in beautiful surroundings of Knole Park, Sevenoaks School hosted the 44th edition of the Knole Run. This prestigious run is gruelling cross country race taking in six major hills on a circular two lap course. In its 44 years, Skinners are eight times winners of the team award albeit this was mainly in the 80s.

Conditions were much improved on last year when a fresh fall of snow on the day of the race covered the course. Although there had not been any rain this week, the mud was of a clingy variety making the going tough.

With such a challenging course, it is important to set off steadily and work your way into the course. This was particularly the case with the Taylors who were tackling the course for the first time in what would have been their longest race by some distance.

We had six runners for the team which was a full scoring team but lucky that Dan, who had been ill the last two days, was going to give it a go and Joe, who had not run through injury, had made it to the start line.

In a field of 228, going up the first hill, James, Oscar and Dan were in the teens whereas the Taylors set off steadily in the 60s and Joe a little way behind. Unfortunately, Joe soon had to pull out meaning that we did not have a full team but even so the remaining members were determined to fight to the end giving their best.

Completing the first lap, it was James in 10th with Oscar and Dan soon after. Matthew was in the 40s and Henry in the 50s. All looked on good form with Dan seeming to shake off his recent illness although clearly he wasn't at his best.

Running down the valley on the second lap, the leaders had dramatically spread apart with James in a clear 8th, Dan on his own in the mid teens, Oscar being caught by a pack of four in around 20th, Matthew having a stormer coming through the field looking very strong and Henry looking solid with a final hill to go.

Positions generally stayed the same but Oscar recovered and retook a few positions in the last 800m to beat a few local rivals who had beaten him the previous weekend.

Altogether, the team did exceedingly well and although it was a shame they could not close out a team, were all energised as they heartily tucked into the magnificent teas provided by Sevenoaks School.

8 James Stoney 34.16
17 Dan Seagrove 35.07
19 Oscar Hussey 35.16
31 Matthew Taylor 36.00
59 Henry Taylor 37.42
DNF Joe Lusardi

228 ran
Winner Thomas Eames 32.24

Teams of 6:
1 Judd 105
2 St Albans 164
3 Sevenoaks 260